RUF around the edges

Welcome to RUF Wood, the home of Reclaimed, Unique, Furnishings

RUF Wood Designs is a new venture of the Rowden brothers ‘Colin’ and ‘Keith’. Living in the beautiful Devon countryside, surrounded by the natural landscape and Carpenters by trade, they combined their love for carpentry and art.

Taking inspiration from the Devon Countryside, their work has been designed around the diverse landscape that they live and work in.We create bespoke and unique furnishings sourced from reclaimed wood from local suppliers. From mirrors to coffee tables, they aim to tailor make whatever the customer wishes.

Picture Frames

Here at RUF Wood we have access to world-class photography and artwork that inspires our work.
The decision to use a specific type of wood, grain, or bark is influenced by the imagery, only then can we look at creating a complete piece of art, and not just another picture in a frame.

If you have your own image that you would like framed in a unique one-off RUF frame, then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.


We have a varied selection of gift ideas, whether your giving RUF to yourself or someone you love we hope you find something you like.
We are always creating new products, this is usually when we come across a new piece of reclaimed wood that it lends itself to a certain sculpture, candle or furnishing.

If there is something in particular you are after but can’t find, then please contact us to see if we can help make you or your loved one a uniquely RUF piece.

RUF around the edges

All of our products are made unique through the use of reclaimed wood. This reclaimed wood gives our picture frames character that can't be manufactured by man, only crafted with RUF edges.

Create your own

"Wood inspires us and you inspire our wood”.
We can create bespoke pieces, contact us to discuss your needs.