Welcome to RUF Wood, the home of Reclaimed, Unique, Furnishings.

Keith and Colin RowdenRUF Wood Designs is a new venture of the Rowden brothers ‘Colin’ and ‘Keith’. Living in the beautiful Devon countryside, surrounded by the natural landscape and Carpenters by trade, they combined their love for carpentry and art.

Taking inspiration from the Devon Countryside, our work has been designed around the diverse landscape that we live and work in.We create bespoke and unique furnishings sourced from reclaimed wood from local suppliers. Find out more about us on the “Who’s RUF” page.


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Drive your own Design

Offering various styles and multiple wood options, we let you put a personal touch on your walls. These quality products are handcrafted in Devon, England. Learn more about our bespoke picture frames with your picture at the centre.

Five section picture frame

Featured Product

The five section picture frame, has to be the ultimate statement. These quality products are handcrafted in Devon, England.


RUF around the edges

All of our products are made unique through the use of reclaimed wood. This reclaimed wood gives our picture frames character that can't be manufactured by man, only crafted with RUF edges.